The Crowdfunding Real Estate: a new business that pays in dollars

The new modality points to millennials. Returns, in dollars, can reach 30%. How the new way of making money with real estate works.

The real estate investment market is always tempting. But it would be fair to say that it has not advanced much in terms of technology. Now a new company is looking to democratize access to the real estate market using a well known methodology in the tech world: crowdfunding.

This method of investment or funding

This method of investment or funding

This method of investment or funding, which is translated into Spanish as a mass investment, seeks to use technology to gather as many potential consumers or investors as possible to fund projects of common interest. It is estimated that, so far, the platform has more than 100,000 content creators and some 2,000,000 donors. An Argentine entrepreneur and architect, started two years ago to lead Sumar Inversión, a project that allows investing from $ 10,000 (and, soon, from $ 1,000) in different real estate projects.

“Under the proposal of Adding Investment, customers can see their projections, their earnings and reports on the progress of the works,” said Good Finance.

Through the web you It makes it easier for investors to enter this business model and constantly monitor contributions. until the end of each project. The interested party can access the website, log in and complete the form so that they can register their investor profile.

Investments with different eyes

Investments with different eyes

Among other things, they target a young audience that sees investments with different eyes. “We aim to make it accessible for millennials. That they have a different profile, because they don’t think so much about saving but about the possibility of living experiences.

That is why we offer to withdraw profit advances so they can use that same money, for example for vacations. In this sense, the architect explains that the amount of profit “for houses, and charged every two years, is around 20-25%. For houses, between 25-30% and is charged in three years.

The first brick


Recently, the company completed the construction of the first house financed through this method, located in the La Volanta neighborhood of the country Pilará, in Pilar. The house is distributed on two floors. On the ground floor are the common areas: there is a large gallery, a guest bedroom, a laundry room with a mini kitchen and garages that can be transformed into a playroom.

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